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Alice Smith, the DC-raised and NYC-based singer with an expansive range and pop-gospel belt, will release her seven-years-in-the-making sophomore LP, She, on March 19th via Rainwater/Thirty Tigers. Preview the entire album a week ahead of its release below, paying close attention to sweet and bright single “Ocean” and the glamorous fervor of “Fool For You,” then watch Alice perform “Overboard” at last year’s FADER FORT.

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  1. Kristin St. John says:

    I have been not-so patiently waiting for this album since hearing about it last summer. I am so happy and it’s been SO worth the wait!

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  3. Te'NIa says:

    I’ve waited so long for the 2nd album. Her voice is CRAZY! does something to me! she comes with smooth sounds & loud crooning that I love!

  4. Mark Dacre says:

    Wow! And well worth the wait!

    Those of us that follow her on FB know how much has changed in her life since the last record. It seemed doubtful that we’d get a follow up to her amazing debut but here it is! And it’s great.

    I really like, “Fool for You”.

    Well done Alice Smith. I have the release date for “She” set in my calendar.

  5. Christina Stefenelli says:

    All I can say is Thank you, for She. I’ve been looking forward to this album release. I can’t wait to buy the CD. There’s nothing like kicking back and listening to Alice!!!

  6. Huge A Smith Fan says:

    I’ve seen Alice Smith perform about 6 times. Watched her wow audiences but be frustrated because folks always wanted the old songs. Now there are new songs and we can all sing along! Can’t wait til she comes to DC.

  7. Sas says:

    The songs bring a smile to my face…. :) Love it!

  8. Alice says:

    hm I’d wondered what happened to her. This is really nice. Especially “Another Love”, “Fool for You”, & “Be Easy”. Well done ^__^

  9. ReneNH says:

    I am so ecstatic! I have waited so long to hear a new album from you. I saw you in concert in Washington, DC and was blown away. I wish your album the greatest success. She is amazing!!!!!

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  15. ANTINTHONY says:

    I first heard Alice on the L-Word (Dream) song…… I immediately went our and purchased the album…. It’s something mysterious about her voice can’t wait till she come to Houston or any city close by.. I will be there front and center….. If she only knew how much I’ve overcame just by her first album….. With this album I’m going to concor the world THANKS truly her Biggest Fan