Buy Spring Breakers Clothes at Opening Ceremony


Spring Breakers costume designer Heidi Bivens, interviewed in our last issue, has designed a capsule collection of “warped” souvenir shop clothes and accessories based on the movie, to launch at Opening Ceremony this Friday, March 22nd. Everything’s unisex, priced gently under $100 and emblazoned with symbols representing Spring Breakers‘ key characters—an alien head for Franco’s Alien, upside down cross for Selena Gomez’ goodie-two-shoes Faith and pink weed leaf for Vanessa Hudgens’ masterfully messy Candy. Check out an oversized Candy jersey above, shimmering unicorn hoodie (it’s got DTF printed on the back) and “SPRING BREAK 4EVER BITCHES” bracelets below; get excited for the collections’ sweatsuits, available in white and black and printed with all the characters’ symbols in pink and glow-green. For more on Bivens and her role defining Spring Breakers‘ signature look, read our interview about Franco’s braids and what Gucci Mane is willing to wear.

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