Video: inc., “Black Wings”

Late last night, California-based inc. tweeted the official video for “Black Wings,” a slow, sultry pop song with a markedly ’90s-sounding guitar loop. The stark clip, directed by the Aged brothers themselves along with Ryan Kuhlman, shows the duo roaming around a desolate rural-meets-industrial junkyard. It’s odd and aesthetically striking— they look almost comfortable amongst the broken-down pick-ups and chain metal fences. “Black Wings” is a cut from the duo’s polarizing debut LP no world, available now via 4AD. Check out our recent Beat Construction on inc. and read Duncan Cooper’s review of their live show last month in Manhattan.

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  1. jb says:

    jesus. these guys have a GREAT f’n sound. i tell friends these dudes pick up where maxwell left off. that being said, for fuck sake, manage your image a little better. i LOVE the album. i would LOVE to blast it to all of my friends. but you need to figure out how to package the look with the feel better! fact: you are faced with a challenge. brothers sing romantic duets. solution: pull yourselves out of the videos a bit and use more prominent actors to create your image in the videos. again, love the music. want to see you guys SLAY. please kill it.