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Video: Slava, "Werk"

In the eye-popping video for "Werk," Slava Balasanov walks into a swanky modern office, looking fly in a baseball jacket with the word RUSSIA across the back. A secretary ready with a hundred come-hither glances pours him a glass of SLAVA Vodka, and he sets off on a housey dancing spree across the steely basement tunnels of the cybernetic superhighway, at once designer of, and actor in, his own cyborg-studded fantasy. Of course, it all begs the question of which is more real—his imagined existence as a mysteriously sporty looking business mogul, or his virtual existence on the other side of screen? To learn more about the Moscow-born producer, check out our Gen F profile and be sure to pick up his upcoming Raw Solutions LP (out April 23 via Software).

Video: Slava, "Werk"