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JF & Son Lets You Design the Clothes


If you've ever wanted to try your hand at designing clothes, JF & Son's latest venture is bringing you one step closer. The downtown NYC label, run by Jesse Finklestein and Meredith King, has launched BYCO, an interactive design platform that lets users create their very own shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pillows, duvets and even lampshades. Once you've submitted a design, they're displayed on the BYCO Invest Page where would-be financiers can submit funds to actually make your product, and once produced, they're up for sale in the BYCO Shop. With BYCO handling the manufacturing process and sales, all you've got to do is design. As Finklestein told Cathy Horyn: “This is not design by committee,” he said, referring to popular crowd sites where consumers vote for designs. “We’re giving designers the means to make things. We’re removing the barriers.” Sign up for BYCO here and start sketching.

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JF & Son Lets You Design the Clothes