On The Street: Thrifted Crop Top


Parisian fashion shows are cool and all, but a lot of the best style comes straight from the sidewalk. For our On The Street column, we take a peek around town for the most interesting looks on pavement.

Among the sea of brand name droppers in New York City, there is nothing more refreshing than someone who can rock a one-of-a-kind thrifted piece. We love this flowery, hand-cut crop top look this guy created, which he bookends with a cool sculptural hat and bomb all-green Doc Martens.

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  1. Jack says:

    Literally this is not cute, at all. Also, NY is full of hipsters that do not wear any labels. It would be refreshing to see someone with taste.

  2. Rachel says:

    i wish i could literally shit on these pictures – worst taste i’ve seen in a while, disappointed in you Fader

  3. The King says:

    Nice work!
    @Rachel: Perhaps while you’re shitting, Rachel, you could study up on your writing skills. People in glass houses…

  4. howwedo says:

    i happen to like it !

  5. belgian says:

    labels = taste ???

  6. belgian says:

    labels = taste ?

    you = moron

  7. pringles says:

    so many good things going on! perfect details, play on proportion, i love it all!

    ps these comments remind me of when romy and michelle go to the reunion (for real) and the vogue girl validates their rad style to the ignorant serfs. consider me the lisa luder of this comment board.

  8. mirandasut111 says:

    i want to be friends with him

  9. girl says:

    This guy rocks his own style. that is boss