Video: SAFE, “Black Satin Living Room”

Straddling the border between friendship and romance is a universal, age-old predicament that’s been the subject of more pop songs than we care to count. But that doesn’t make it any less shitty. On “Black Satin Living Room,” Bay Area singer Chris F. Edley bka SAFE explores the bleak side of the friend zone. Like his previous material, the track is slinky and charmingly subtle, and the accompanying video, directed by Brandon Tauszik and produced by Sprinkle Lab, is thematically (and literally) dark. Even in the more cheerful moments, like the opening shots of Edley and his friend-lover sharing a beer in a barren hallway, there is a shadowy undercurrent of despondence—you can kind of sense that it’s going to end in flames. The track’s taken from SAFE’s “Normal Needs” 7-inch, out this week along with a re-issed of SAFE’s old self-titled EP, both via Greedhead.

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