Download Glenn Jackson and Coyote Clean Up’s Remixes of Each Other


Detroit’s Coyote Clean Up and Oakland’s Glenn Jackson, for no other apparent reason besides adding feelings of love to the atmosphere, have swapped tracks for a gratis remix trade. Jackson takes on “Free Coaster Crash,” from the Magma Mondays LP. (Coyote’s quick follow-up, the 2 HOT 2 WAIT LP, comes out April 30th on 100% Silk.) And Coyote Clean Up makes a woozy bop of Jackson’s “Save,” from the bearded latter’s Morning Swim EP. Zero dollars is far from the worth of the sweet piano/horn doodle at 3:30 in the second remix, but we won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Download: Glenn Jackson and Coyote Clean Up Remixes

Stream: Coyote Clean Up, “Free Coaster Crash”

Stream: Glenn Jackson, “Save”

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