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Watch Danny Brown Perform a New Song Produced by Rustie

*Gasps for air* Two observations. First, it's a good thing Danny Brown is such a capable enunciator in live performances; there's a woefully short list of other rappers who could perform a new song live and have it be so intelligible. Second, the fucked-up, phone-recorded bass sounds awesome, even as it threatens to obliterate the whole track. (And as a bonus third, Danny Brown's low-heighted hop during the song's chorus is delightful.) Danny Brown tweeted at Consequence of Sound, who first posted the video, that the track is called "Dope Song." It was produced by Rustie, and will feature on Brown's Old LP, to come out sometime in the nearish future.

For more on oldness, read Danny Brown's 2012 FADER cover story, which ended with this affirming quotation: "In March I’m 31, the time all these motherfuckers be dying. The last chapter in some people’s book. I don’t want to leave this shit. I’m finally happy. I want to see 40. So I gotta do something. I gotta get up and run in the morning.”

Watch Danny Brown Perform a New Song Produced by Rustie