The Things I Carry: Mac Miller


We always like to know what some of our favorite artists carry in their purses (and man-purses)—the essential items that they need for touring, subway rides, or any other thing that they might be doing these days, which is why we’ve made it a regular column on the site.

LA-based Mac Miller visited New York last week to promote his new single, “S.D.S.,” produced by Flying Lotus, and preview the second season of his reality show for MTV advertisers. He stopped by FADER offices at lunchtime, carrying ID, a crumpled $20 bill, khaki bucket hat, American Spirit menthols and a copy of bestselling novelist Paulo Coelho’s follow-up to The Alchemist, Manuscript Found in Accra. He reads!

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  1. ole says:

    this brown leather box must be a weed stash haha

  2. Mothafucka Jones says:

    I was thinking the same thing hahaha

  3. Mike says:

    It’s a sunglasses case for folding ray bans

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  5. who cares says:

    who carrys a hat in a book bag? and also who carrys a book bag out of school?