Stream: Animal Collective, “New Town Burnout” (Shabazz Palaces Remix)


Though Animal Collective have touched on plenty of genres and moods throughout their long, knotty career, it’s interesting to note that the darker elements of their sound are rarely brought to the forefront. You could hear (and see) some of it in ODDSAC, their semi-abstract film, and it was taken even further through the warped carnival aspects of last year’s Centipede Hz, but other than that? It’s just a smattering of dark ideas, injected into a larger psychedelic whole. Shabazz Palaces‘ take on “New Town Burnout” emphasizes those unsettling elements, with Ishmael Butler intoning hypnotically over blown-out bass and stomping drums. Monkey Been to Burn Town, an EP-length collection of Animal Collective remixes, is out on Domino May 28th.

Stream: Animal Collective, “New Town Burnout” (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

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