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Download Ryan Hemsworth's Still Awake EP


Ryan Hemsworth—masterful remixer, onetime hip-hop blogger and Drake apologist—has a new EP, Still Awake, available for free on his website. "Thank you for downloading this and putting it on your computer laptop iphone palm pilot, whatever, and listening to it while you're doing stuff in the world," the Halifax-based artist writes in a TextEdit document that's attached to the .zip file, a fittingly geeky thank-you note from an artist whose identity and aesthetic feel almost inseparable from the contemporary internet-based electronic music community that surrounds him. The EP is dreamy but focused, teeming with bubbly melodies and submerged, wistful production that's undeniably cheerful but not always overtly feel-good.

Download: Ryan Hemsworth's Still Awake EP

Download Ryan Hemsworth's Still Awake EP