Download Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire’s Kismet Mixtape


Today, Brooklyn rapper Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire dropped his newest tape—the mighty, 16-track Kismet—which features a wealth of collaborations with the likes of Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Goldie Glo, Gorgeous Black and Cokey Briccz, among others. The song titles are hilariously tongue-in-cheek (“I Was Drunk When I Wrote This,” “Orbz a.k.a. Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said”) and the cover art is a not-so-subtle callback to that photo from a few years back of Ciara hugging shirtless 50 Cent. The brooding “Noble Drew Ali” and the Curtis Mayfield-sampling “Vanilla Rainbows” are early favorites. Stream it, download it and then watch eXquire’s Brooklyn Bound interview from last fall.

Download: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire’s Kismet Mixtape

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  1. THEHLLYWD$ says:

    Mr. MFN eXquire (@MrMFNeXquire) – KISMET(SCREWED/SWAMPED) Hosted by @THEHLLYWDS

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