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Download Gunplay's Acquitted Mixtape

Though there's often plenty of satisfying moments on any given Gunplay mixtape, they also work as aggravating teasers for an album that perpetually gets pushed back in favor of yet another mixtape featuring some freestyles, some gems, and, sure, a couple duds. That's the nature of Gunplay, though: when he's on, he's the only thing you want to be listening to; when he's phoning it in, it's fine, but nothing mindblowing. So how does Acquitted rank? Well, it features one of Gunplay's most powerful tracks, the emotionally raw "Bible on the Dash," but you've probably heard that already. Other than that, the ominous "Drop Da Tint" is a standout, as is the weirdly joyful "Cocaina (Que Linda)." Much of the mixtape is devoted to weed carriers, but then we all used to call Gunplay a weed character, and look where we're at now.

Download Gunplay's Acquitted Mixtape