Kanye West Almost Cut Chief Keef and Justin Vernon From Yeezus

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Tonight at New York’s Milk Studios, Kanye West played his upcoming LP Yeezus (June 18th, Def Jam) for an audience of famous friends, fans and models. Played “fucking loud,” the album has ten songs and was “executive produced” by Rick Rubin. According to West, one of those, which he called “Hold My Liquor,” almost didn’t make the album. Placed after “New Slaves” at the record’s middle, it features both Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Chief Keef, who sings this refrain: I can’t control my niggas, and my niggas they can’t control me. Relatively short on rapping guests, Yeezus also features Chicago’s King Louie, on a song West called “Send It Up.”

After playing Yeezus twice, with a soaked-through shirt and a smile on, Kanye hopped on the mic. Watch below, via Miss Info.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Pardon me for sounding like a dick, but any reason as to why, or was this just so you could say you posted it first?

  2. Spencer says:

    Video of the Chief Keef Justin Vernon song can be found at
    along with a full outsiders perspective on the night and more vidoes

  3. Tony says:

    New album is gonna be fire – cant wait for Yeezus.