Stream: Dads, “Invisible Blouse”


Dads is a pretty anarchic-sounding garage rock band from Florida that includes members of the band Merchandise. Although there is very little information about them available online (including which members of the latter group actually play in Dads, though I hear it’s the singer and the guitar player), they have been self-releasing material since 2010, and seem to have a habit of describing their music with obtuse proclamations on “the push and pull between retarded and genius” and “transcendence through some base ass shit.” Their new single “Invisible Blouse” kicks off into the red and stays there; more than an actual song structure, it coheres around the alive-ness of a single, exuberant scream, followed by a whole lot of energetic pounding, a hearty dose of blown-out guitar, and enough additional screaming to leave you feeling really excited (but also kind of disappointed) when the song peters out at a meager two minutes and 15 seconds. In other words, it’ll probably leave you wanting to hear more from these guys, whoever they really are. “Invisibile Blouse” seven-inch is out June 25th via Wharf Cat Records, and is available for pre-order now.

Stream: Dads, “Invisible Blouse”

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  1. 3 says:

    This 7 inch is available on July 9th, not June 25th. Any way someone can update this? We have a very confused distributor. Thanks!