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Two years since emerging amid a cloud of smoke, Chicago production duo The-Drum are releasing their debut album, Contact, out tomorrow via Audraglint. Compared to their more structured recent work with the R&B group JODY and rapper Kit, Contact floats and lingers. The-Drum describe the LP as a “cross-pollinating” of influences like Jean Michel Jarre, their namesake The-Dream, David Van Tieghem and Vangelis; it feels (and often sounds, with its dense, metallic effects) like taking an elevator to space. They’re in New York this week, playing live with Wise Blood at Glasslands on Tuesday the 25th and DJing at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Saturday the 29th.

Stream: The-Drum’s Contact LP

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  2. Hasan says:

    Pretty underwhelming for a spot on The Fader.

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  4. Z says:

    Even for the internet this is bad. Who do these guys know or are related to?

  5. Jeffrey W. Ruggles says:

    I think this is pretty great. Definitely gets at the influences mentioned in the article. Nice listen.

  6. Charles says:

    This is f*ng awful… how is this on Fader? Or on any sort of recordable media to begin with?