Video: Dean Blunt, “Felony/Stalker 7″

It’s hard to tell what was going on in Dean Blunt’s mind when he decided to dance this strange, ambling pas de deux with a camera on a clifftop while lip-synching the words to “Felony,” a moody, soft-synth-driven ballad that is NOT from his recent The Redeemer LP on Hippos In Tanks, but sounds a lot like it could have been. My coworker pointed out that the video looks like it could have been shot with a digital camera from around five years ago, which would seem to make sense in light of his recent gravitation to a digital hi-fi sound, with its attendent implications of planned obsolescence, but that wouldn’t necessarily explain the choice of location or the greater symbolism of the dog that appears in both the “Felony” and “Stalker 7″ sequences of this video (the latter song being more of an abstract instrumental doodle). As with a lot of Blunt’s work, it puts you in the uncomfortable position of feeling like you’re failing to grasp the meaning of a joke, but also like he’s fooled you into thinking that you should be looking for one.

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