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Walter Van Beirendonck's Odd Geometry


Walter Van Beirendonck’s clothes are always surreal, but the Belgian maestro of menswear's runway show today in Paris was more specifically surrealist, aka the early 20th-century art movement championed by Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali that played around with perspective, texture, dimension and shape to manipulate and challenge the viewer's eye. A bouquet of flowers pops three-dimensionally out of a vase printed two-dimensionally on one of Van Beirendonck's blazers, and the southern hem of one jacket continues up into an arm flap scribbled with trompe l'oeil wood slats and a painting of a horse. He also threw in some Kandinsky-esque abstract geometric shapes throughout the suiting, his versions done up in pretty Art Deco Miami shades of pink, yellow and aquamarine. That's a lot for one runway collection to handle, but always the master, Van Beirendonck pulls it off like one of the greats. (via

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Walter Van Beirendonck's Odd Geometry