Stream: Part Time, “All My Love and All Your Love (Together We Are Fine)”


That Part Time’s music is similar in feel to Ariel Pink’s recent, higher fidelity output sound sort of goes without saying; the David Speck-led, San Francisco units writes songs that prod at our culturally conditioned musical pleasure centers in a way that makes us conscious of their existence. “All My Love and All Your Love (Together We Are Fine),” a track from the group’s sophomore LP, is a glittery, instantly pleasing amalgam of pretentiously British accented vocals, chunky funk bass and vintage TV-jingle synths. It doesn’t make you pause to contemplate our retromaniac cultural condition so much as wash over you like a balm, but it also just sort of repeats the same melody lines and words over and over again (All my love and all your love—together we are fine), to the point that it almost seems to be satirizing its own longwindedness, like an extended, dancefloor edit of itself. PDA is out July 9th via Mexican Summer.

Stream: Part Time, “All My Love and All Your Love (Together We Are Fine)

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