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Lazy Oaf's Pop Art Pieces for Fall 2013

To be honest, we thought we had pop art fatigue after years of hearing too much about Andy Warhol and seeing his famous banana and Marilyn Monroe screenprints festooned on everything from tote bags to iPad cases. Then, this weekend, we saw the Claes Oldenburg show at MoMA, and checking out all of his work from the 1960s turning 7 Up logos and cheeseburgers into crumply, craggly sculptures refreshed our eye to just how cool pop can be if its done well. And it's with that attitude that we smiled this morning when we saw Lazy Oaf’s fall collection, maybe the only brand that could make us want to wear candy bars on our kits. The colors are just right, the fits are just right—so right, in fact, that a few of these pieces might just pop up in our fall wardrobe.

(via Hypebeast)

Lazy Oaf's Pop Art Pieces for Fall 2013