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Stream: Jensen Sportag, "Bellz"


Nice little cool smooth jam from Nashville duo Jensen Sportag, who make everything sound so easy breezy even while each song is actually layered painstakingly and intricately with vocals on top of sounds on top of vocals—like one of those strawberry wafer cookies built like a brick wall but that just melts in your mouth anyway. It's probably Austin Wilkinson and Benji Craig's technical, careful construction that, in truth, is how they've managed to rehab a genre of music—the kind of background music you hear in the lobby of cheesy boutique hotels—and made it sound completely awesome and fresh again. Sportag's debut album Stealth of Days will be out November 12 on Cascine.

Stream: Jensen Sportag, "Bellz"

Posted: July 30, 2013
Stream: Jensen Sportag, "Bellz"