Video: Annie, “Back Together”

The best EP of the year is out now. To celebrate, Annie has shared this cheeky video for “Back Together,” modeled on a retro countdown show, complete with a gabber track from the imaginary Utrecht Amiga Squad (#3 on the “charts”) and a clip of her own standout “Invisible,” credited to “Mannie” and chilling at #5. “Back Together” is #1. In a recent FADER interview, Annie talked about the retro rave theme her A&R pulls off so well: “[Growing up] I saw the aesthetics and parts of it from videos on MTV, and I thought it looked really cool… I went to a couple of raves with a fake ID and thought it was really interesting and a bit scary. It was basically me alone, and maybe one friend. It was like going to a black metal gig where you’re not allowed to go.” Seems to be paying off pretty spectacularly.

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