Video: FKA Twigs, "Water Me"

FKA Twigs (formerly just Twigs) will follow up her excellent debut with a second EP, EP2, to be released September 9th by Young Turks and up for preorder now. "Water Me" is a first taste of the project, co-produced by FKA Twigs and advisor-to-Kanye Arca. Its video, above, was directed by FADER director to watch Jesse Kanda. In it, FKA Twigs' eyes enlarge to Manga proportions, like scientists predict everyone's eyes might 60,000 years from now, and cries a gel tear. (It reminds me of Sinead O'Connor and the slug parasites that infested people's brains in the Animorphs book series.)

EP2 tracklist:
1. How's That
2. Water Me
3. Papi Pacify
4. Ultraviolet

Video: FKA Twigs, "Water Me"