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Alder New York Makes Cool Clothes for Dweebs

High school gym class is where many a dweeb run into their biggest problems—gangly arms and bookishness are not traits that fare well amongst the meatheads playing dodge ball and P.E. teachers barking exercise orders. But everyone knows that it's the dorks that grow up to run the world anyway, so it's with a sense of pride that Brooklyn boutique Alder New York shows off their delightfully dorky new fall collection back in the lockerroom. Hiking your shorts up yay-high, sporting droopy bucket hats and wearing T-shirts and bathing suits too tight on the body are all things that could get you thrown into a locker junior year, but now we just know Alder's versions are super-smart and alluring. Started in 2011 by Nina Zilka and David J. Krause, Alder is just holistically intelligent: in addition to a clothing brand, they're also an apothecary with some genius things like bergamot hair powder and clove lip balm. (via The Fashionisto)

Alder New York Makes Cool Clothes for Dweebs