Ghanaian Brand President For Life Makes Fancy Boxers


Ghanaian menswear brand President For Life is upping the ante for stately underwear with their line of not-so-basic-boxers. Crafted from organic cottons and dipped in authentic Dutch Wax prints, these undergarments give close attention to detail with flat French seams that won’t bulk or bunch, a three-panel design for ease of movement that ride up in all the right places. With each garment made by Ghanaian tailors in limited runs, President For Life just might be the princeliest way to dress your jewels. Shop President For Life here and check out our picks from the line below. (via Kadeem Johnson, photos by J. Quazi King)

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  1. actual person from Ghana says:

    hey boo, there’s an extra “A” in there… GHANAIAN

  2. Alex Frank says:

    thank you artsystar! we changed. #bloggamestressful

  3. Ghanaian says:

    Woiii this looks sexy, and it’s from my country ghana woooo

  4. vera says:

    wow i love this line just saw the photos on another blog big ups to for hot photography and damn that man is fine!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nadia Kroner says:

    These are great, I’m getting a few for my husband tonight. And I think i just found the perfect photographer for my next project. Thank you Fader.

  6. Alex Frank says:

    :-P happy we can help Nadia!

  7. Am innovation, wonderful and creative.