Video: Little Pain, “SMH”

Little Pain is the kind of rapper YouTube commenters tell to stop rapping. Though his first video, embedded below, still has under 8,000 views, his “sad rap” concept (sample lyric: Shed some tears up in your spouse/ Find teardrops all on the blouse/ Shedding tears what I’m about… Yeah I cry, and I pout) has been covered in a number of sizable blog posts, most critically on Refined Hype, where Dharmic X wrote: “It upsets me that a rapper from Brooklyn would make music that belittles those who fight with actual tormented emotions, considering that one of Brooklyn’s brightest stars-in-the-making, Capital Steez, was unable to conquer his demons, committing suicide less than six months ago.”

With Little Pain’s second music video, “SMH,” premiering above, I’m still not sure what to think—and that’s what makes his music so interesting. Maybe he trivializes depression, but it seems presumptuous to assume he’s not actually depressed and doing a creative destruction thing, in which case who am I to tell him he’s going about it wrong. In any case, it’s gotten some people talking about something more important than rap. On the other hand, by so often using sadness as a loaded catchall in place of something meaningless (e.g. popped a tear, I’m crying, the Trinidad Jame$-and-molly referencing hook on “High Cry”), Little Pain’s seemingly direct statement might really be a sad ghost costume draped over nothing at all. For me, it’s still up in the air, but what could be more compelling than music that asks what good music should be? His debut “Sad Tape,” entitled When Thugz Cry, comes out later this year.

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  1. fart says:

    no more joke music please

  2. provocative says:

    i don’t think anything is wrong with how he feels, i think the music just isn’t good. the beat, the hook, the look. i’m smh at the fader right now. stop showcasing gimmicks. when you post artist like wara from the nbhd & he’s actually very talented lacking the “Look” or even lesser known bay duo “main attraktionz” we know the taste here is a little different, but this was just another NY rapper looking for attention.

  3. Jake says:

    Honestly I enjoyed this – yes he isn’t the best rapper but it’s a different lane and I give him credit for that. Song is catchy, visuals are good & I will actually look back for more of his music

  4. QuarterBrick says:

    I feel like it’s just a new spin on depression. I mean shit… Pac was depressed. Pain just rapping about real shit. Everyday it’s depressed dudes in the Hood. This is him expressing his sadness in a way that’s comfortable to him if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But it’s disrespectful to call it a joke just cause it don’t float your boat.

  5. sean c says:

    very surprised that there is no mention of suicideyear or the japan mixtape anywhere in this article. along with this can’t believe the connection to yung lean’s #sadboyz movement wasn’t even attempted to be made despite the fact that they are both straight taking beats from the same mixtape and rapping about basically the same shit just at different levels of mixing and mastering.

    either way glad to see people taking advantage of one of the better beat tapes put out this year.

  6. RichRocks says:

    Yeah this is dope. I see people hating on this and i guess thats to be expected but im deff with it! Thank you PAIN GOD

  7. SMH says:

    Why not post real music on Fader?


    Check them out.

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  9. werkk yg says: