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Video: King Tuff, "Sun Medallion"

Since discovering King Tuff's recently reissued Was Dead record, I've probably listened to "Sun Medallion" about 45 times. To my ear, it's pretty much the perfect, 2-minute pop song, from the little bass slide you hear right before the drums drop in to the particular note combinations that make up the melody and all the self-caricaturing, rock & roll imagery he's packed into the lyrics (ex: the graveyard/where I do my dreaming; the streets/where I do my living). Turns out, the guy just dropped this video for the track, and the crazy, animated bubble letters at the opening pretty much let you know what you're in for. Read more about King Tuff in our Gen F profile, and grab Was Dead from Burger Records.

Video: King Tuff, "Sun Medallion"