Freak Scene: Catching Up With Austin, Texas’ Holodeck Records


Just over a year ago, I interviewed Jon (just Jon) from Silent Land Time Machine, about his label Holodeck Records, an Austin, Texas-based outfit that was releasing cassettes from bands in the area with great frequency. A prolific tape label is nothing especially new in the world of experimental music, but Holodeck’s absolute dedication to documenting their scene felt really important to me, if only because I was fascinated by the scene and still confused by how many different projects there were. Holodeck was offering both an easy way to access all this music from a distance, but also doing it in a cohesive way that explained what each band was all about. Essentially, the artists were already there, but the actual ability to hear so much of the music wasn’t. A year out, Holodeck has grown beyond the confines of Austin, out to Montreal and the rest of the world. They even reissued a gorgeous, semi-forgotten American experimental album from Scott Tuma’s Good Stuff House project a few months ago. The tapes, and now sometimes vinyl, range from straightforward house to ambient journeys, to wild synth experiments—all united by a love of exploration and pure sound. Just looking at the Holodeck website, the excitement is palpable, and what seemed like a promising label a year ago has become an important part of the way I consume experimental music. Because of how fast it grew, and the diversity of the stuff on the label, I asked Jon, along with Adam Jones, his partner in Holodeck and a member of SURVIVE and Troller, to put together a mix of stuff that they’d be putting out for the rest of this year. If you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ll definitely find something to like. Check out the mix and tracklist below, followed by a quick interview about the last year of Holodeck Records.

Download: Holodeck Summer 2013 Mix

• 1 – Le lieu où vous voulez vous rendre
from Marie Davidson’s s/t EP
HD017, out now on CS / DL

• 2 – Untitled 1
from Good Stuff House’s Untitled LP
HD016, out July 23 on LP / CS / DL

• 3 – Eventide 1 (excerpt)
from Sneaky Snake’s Eventide
HD018 – out August 13 on CS / DL

• 4 – Strawberry Days
from Sensum and Clunch’s s/t EP
HD019 – out August 27 on CS / DL

• 5 – Ashes
HD021LP – out FALL 2013 on LP / CS / DL

• 6 – From Ashes Come the Day (excerpt)
Silent Land Time Machine vs. Drophead – From Ashes Come the Day
HD020 – out FALL 2013 on LP, CS, DL

• 7 – Clear Passage
from Symbol’s Online Architecture
HD022LP, out WINTER 2013 on LP / CS / DL

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