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Download Digitalis' Isolatarium Compilation


Those of you with a memory for this sort of thing might remember Break The Chain, a comic book by artist Kyle Baker and rapper KRS One. It came with a cassette that, if I am remembering correctly, was part soundtrack, part narration of the comic book. KRS One might have shouted at you to turn the page, though I could be confusing that with all the other instances in which KRS One has shouted at his listeners to do something. It was a bizarre experiment, and considering it was rarely, if ever, duplicated, it's safe to say that it was a failure (though you can buy it for like 30 bucks if you're curious). This is not to say, however, that soundtracking reading experiences can't work. Brad Rose, the man behind the excellent Digitalis label—which releases music ranging from spacey dub to ambient drone to straightforward folk and beyond—recently wrote an e-book, The Isolatarium, and put together a compilation to go with it. I haven't read the book yet, but the compilation features a supremely bizarre jammer from Best Available Technology, a song that sounds like a Pachinko machine by Giant Claw, a soothing, nine-minute new age piece by Josh Mason, and a lot more. It works completely independently of Rose's novel, but I imagine reading while listening will create some sort of transcendent harmony of the senses that will change your life forever. Alternately, it might just be a cool way to read something.

Download: Various Artists, The Isolatarium Compilation

Download Digitalis' Isolatarium Compilation