G-DRAGON Collaborates with Diplo, Missy Elliott, Sky Ferreira

BIGBANG frontman and K-Pop chameleon G-DRAGON will release a new LP, Coup D’Etat, on September 13th. (It’s his second solo full length, and follows last year’s One of a Kind EP.) Here are three tidbits promoting the album, dropped off over the weekend: a new official video for “Coup D’Etat,” which was co-produced by Diplo and Baauer; a video of G-DRAGON and Missy Elliott performing collaboration “Niliria” in LA; and finally, “Black,” a ballad sung with Sky Ferreira, who GD met in South Korea just a couple days before stupidly donning black face paint in what a rep later called a “HUGE misunderstanding.”

Stream: G-DRAGON f. Sky Ferreira, “Black”

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  1. Alice says:

    Pure trash, but what else can be expected from those three. Also I liked “Black” better when it was called “I Know (ft. IU)”. Poor Seungri.

  2. ralph says:

    I for one will not be listening to his music because a kid on livejournal posted on her blog that this guy put on blackface.

    I applaud fader for having the integrity to call attention to this very important and cogent issue for which even the article you link has backtracked.

    god bless Obama and RIP trayvon

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  4. Chingou says:

    Gdragon’s ‘blackface’ was pretty stupid even if he didn’t mean it. He should’ve been more careful and put on a better caption instead of just ‘x’. At least he utilized the black face paint good in his music video.
    Anyways just saying, his ‘blackface’ isn’t even proper black face. Have you people even seen real blackface? It’s so much more detailed and has much more mockery than simple black face paint. He did wrong now build a bridge and get over it.

  5. Ciggie says:

    I’m getting really sick of the sensitive issue of ‘blackface’. ‘Blackface is when someone use dark face paints to create a stereotyped caricature of a black person. Someone putting black face paint all over their effing face does NOT EQUAL BLACKFACE. It is something done for art in this instance and ANYONE flipping out is overly sensitive and searching for anything that could be misconstrued as a race issue. The whole world did not know about the Trayvon Martin case. He meant no disrespect/support of it when he didn’t know of it. Just covering up the rest of him so you couldn’t see more of what he was wearing for the video/photo shoot.

    ANYWAY. Crazy excited for this new album!! Love how he’s getting more freedom with each of his own albums and being able to produce more for BigBang and other YG artists! Wonder what other global artists he’ll be working with in the future! Hmm hmm hmmmm!