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Stream: D E N A f. Kool A.D., “Guest List”

Berlin-via-Bulgaria’s fantastically accented D E N A goes home for the video for “Guest List.” Kool A.D. adds a new verse after the fact.

September 30, 2013

Berlin-via-Bulgaria's fantastically accented D E N A has proved surprisingly adept since emerging last year with "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools," following up with "Thin Rope" and now "Guest List." The beat is undeniable, her delivery typically hilarious, taunting on "How come I know everything about you?" and "Uh, I think I'm not." For some reason, Kool A.D.'s verse isn't included in the above music video, shot in D E N A's former hometown. Delivered in his typical style—studied hard but irrepressibly late for class—his bit includes his name three times, the n-word and ends on bomayé, bomayé, bomayé, meaning "kill him" in Lingala, presumably a reference to the chant the crowd at Rumble in the Jungle used to urge Ali to beat George Foreman. D E N A's debut album is planned for next year.

Stream: D E N A f. Kool A.D., "Guest List" (via Disco Naïveté)

Stream: D E N A f. Kool A.D., “Guest List”