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Stream: Blanche Blanche Blanche, "Fisted"


Next month, Brooklyn-via-Brattleboro experimenters Blanche Blanche Blanche will put out Breaking Mirrors, their eighth LP and first-ever studio production. "Fisted" is weirder than the first single, but still one of the more polished bizarro-pop songs they've shared to date. It's upbeat but unsettling, undercut with a manic gloominess and some seriously deranged shredding. The second half of the track is gloriously out-of-sync and feels like the psychotic meltdown that everyone saw coming. Breaking Mirrors is out November 5th on Brooklyn-based label Wharf Cat.

Stream: Blanche Blanche Blanche, "Fisted":

Stream: Blanche Blanche Blanche, "Fisted"