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Chief Keef, "Emojis" MP3

Though it was left off this weekend's Almighty So tape, Chief Keef has finally released "Emojis," a song he's been teasing for months. Keef's emoji game has always been strong; he tends to cycle through favorite ones—the happy devil face, the "nah" hand—and he's nailed the art of using them to convey a lot of information. The desire for wordless expression he expresses here makes a lot of sense in the context of the music he's put out over the past year, where his words are more indecipherable than ever before, vessels for feeling if not meaning. "Emojis" clocks in at just over two minutes, and features newcomer King Peno. That's the beauty of emojis, though: they're brief and to-the-point.

Download: Chief Keef, "Emojis"

Chief Keef, "Emojis" MP3