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Suburban Staples

photographer Alex Da Corte

Basics to get you through the boredom

From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013

1) Rookie Yearbook Two, $29.95 Posts from teenage titan Tavi Gevinson’s online high school survival guide, collected in a second annual yearbook.

2) SK8-HI Reissue, $65 Vans is reissuing the kid-essential SK8-HI in this trick-or-treat-ready shade of picante orange.

3) AIAIAI x Kitsuné Tracks headphones, $140 Red, white and blue headphones to block out annoying hall monitors.

4) Thrasher Flame Logo Hoodie, $44.95 The classic skate magazine’s logo burst in flames on the angsty teen go-to: the black hoodie.

5) The Sunset Banana skateboard, $99.99 Dodge minivans at night with wheels that light up as you roll.

6) Sleepy Jones Henry Pajama shirt, $128 Look fresh even if you’re lounging on the couch watching TV all day.

Model Baby Eagle.

Suburban Staples