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Video: Wise Blood, "Helter Shelter"


Earlier this year, Chris Laufman bka Wise Blood told FADER about his one-time stint working for a "party service," a gig that had him chauffeuring a bunch of girls around while they sniffed drugs, danced for dudes, and listened to Vanessa Carlton's "White Houses" on loop. The video clip for "Helter Shelter," the lead single from a new Wise Blood project called Get'Em, to be released next month, is built from home movie-quality footage of that particular evening. The song is of his usual unhinged hip-hop variety, but the prominent Spice Girls' sample, snippets of dialogue from a Ryan Gosling movie, and visuals of call girls rehearsing dated choreography gives the thing a demented early-2000s bubblegum pop vibe. "I've always liked taking very recognizable samples and owning them, making them mine," Laufman says of Get'Em, a mixtape of sorts, which will feature a bunch of high-profile samples that couldn't be cleared for his last album, Id. "They're reconfigured and re-imagined songs that I wanted to fuck with. I think its the aural equivalent of never sleeping."

Video: Wise Blood, "Helter Shelter"