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Stream: Prince Innocence, "Dissipate"


After getting all amped up when Prince Innocence debuted early last year—they're the synth-pop duo of Montreal’s Josh Mcintyre (formerly Little Girls) and Toronto’s Talvi Faustmann—I went ahead and completely missed their first EP, Lapse, released this past spring. There were mistakes, and they're being atoned for! "Dissipate" is the first new music since, available on a forthcoming 7-inch via Pretty Pretty Records. If like me you lost touch, you'll be happy to find they're still very good. Snuck in some other treats from the past year down there too.

Stream: Prince Innocence, "Dissipate"

Download: Prince Innocence, "Cheree" (Suicide Cover)

Stream: Prince Innocence, "Dissipate"