Video: Woods, “It Ain’t Easy”


When WoodsBend Beyond came out late last year, Los Angeles artist Adarsha Benjamin provided a visual analog to the album’s gentle psych rock sound with her videos for “Cali in a Cup” and “Size Meets the Sound,” both featuring some road trip style 8 mm footage of the band hanging out in various desert locals. The third installment of her video trilogy for the album, this clip for “It Ain’t Easy” culls from similarly breathtaking terrain, this time forgoing the images of the band itself to focus in on traces of humanity (abandoned buildings, a discarded typewriter, flower power rock murals) in what otherwise feels like an infinity of sand, dirt and vegetation. It feels sort of like the American escapist opposite of the urban entrapment Earl seems to be singing about (you work too hard, leaving the weekend for your smile), but that’s also why it’s so poignant. Bend Beyond is out now via Woodsist.

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  1. Valery Kallen says:

    What happened to proofreading, fact checking, and just plain double-checking with good ole fashioned Google? The title of this article says “In Ain’t Easy” when the song is called “IT Ain’t Easy” and the writer also misspells the name of the album – TWICE. The album is called BEND Beyond – not Bent Beyond. Yikes… get yr shit together, Fader. Embarrassing.

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