RiFF RAFF f. Cap 1 & OJ Da Juiceman, “Real Boyz” MP3


I’ve become practically numb to RiFF RAFF collaborations in a way that would’ve been unfathomable a year ago, but here we are. “Real Boyz” feature 2 Chainz affiliate Cap 1 and ad-libs from the reinvigorated OJ Da Juiceman. It’s an ode to one of RiFF’s finest Vine memes, the “real boy” series, which seems jokey but may be a serious admission of loneliness. Boi-1da’s hushed and woozy beat perfectly complements RiFF’s verses, which are full of the usual non-sequiturs but also existential despair. He sounds more paranoid than ever.

Download: Riff Raff f. Cap 1 & OJ Da Juiceman, “Real Boyz”

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