Solange Addresses Dev Hynes’ Comments on Their Relationship

Solange for The FADER. Photographed by Jasn Nocito.

In our current cover story on Dev Hynes’ Blood Orange project, he discussed his work as a collaborator with Solange on her record, True. Solange declined to comment for the story, but since its publication, both artists have been speaking obliquely about the dissolution of their professional relationship on Twitter. A few minutes ago she finally addressed Hynes and his comments directly. Her words are below:

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  1. TruthIs says:

    Solange is a brat. Her career was no where without Dev. Real Talk. I bought the True EP cause of Dev. I’ve never been completely sold on her and this solidifies it. Let’s call a spade a spade. Her voice is ‘aight’ nothing remarkable. Would she have ever had a record career without the doors opened to her afforded by the hard work of Destinys Child ? No. Regained relevance with out Dev ? No. While I sympathize with her yearning to be an ‘artist’ and not dependent on one producer I think she tried to take more credit for the True EP than was reality. As an outsider looking in. Dev doesn’t strike me as someone who cares about the money or viewed his relationship with Solange as transactional, but the guys knows more than anyone what he did and what she did. Team Dev on this one.

  2. Weedman says:

    @truth Weird you say her career was no where without Dev when she sold wayyyy more records on hadley than true. Very small circle of people who know who Dev even is, and I went to her Webster show 2 nights in a row and both were sold out. Seems like he is playing in 200 capacity spots. So tell me how he made her “relevant”. You “indie” people get really confused on what relevance is in the real world.

  3. A. Julian says:

    Dev, Solange – I don’t know y’all, but if possible, please work this shit out? (please) Your work together was amazing. And call me a dreamer but I just like seeing progressive black folk across the board working together, and doing dope shit. Y’all gon’ be dope regardless, but shit!

  4. a says:

    this isnt the first time dev has said shit that the artist he was working with does not agree with. see sky ferreira.

  5. E says:

    TruthIs is spot on. In regards to what Weedman said. Hadley St dreams? ! Sadly, there was already one woman who created a masterpiece 60′s soul era inspired record and it wasn’t Solange. Ironically it was a white Jewish woman from the streets of London her name was Amy Winehouse and the album was called Back To Black. Solange is a brat. Check this youtube video out :

  6. Evelyn says:

    @E I loved Hadley street dreams and I loved True. Hadley street dreams was made 6 years ago. Dev Hynes music 6 years ago sucked. Plus, I follow them both on twitter and all of this was a response to a lot of shit talking he was doing for days, but has now deleted. She does not say anything bad about him, so how is she a brat?