Stream: Kitty, Sasha Go Hard and Tink, “Spotless” (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth and Little Cloud)

For “Spotless,” a track off Druture’s Chicago-based Out of Towner Vol. 1 mixtape, co-producers Ryan Hemsworth and Little Cloud worked up a beat icy as the weather in New York today but dreamy as the song’s line-up, which includes Kitty and Chicago’s own Sasha Go Hard and Tink. Kitty (F.K.A. Kitty Pryde) sing-whispers the hook, leaving the rapping to Sasha and Tink, who stakes her territory mightily: I might be the only real chick who can hit a few high keys and still be gutta. More posse cuts like this, please.

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  1. Drew says:

    Future tag instead of Druture tag :’(

  2. Billy Brown says:

    Katie Got Bandz is doing songs with R Kelly, Sasha Go Hard has been relegated to working with cloud-rap h*****s nobody cares about in the real world. Sad :(