Download Rich Homie Quan’s I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In Mixtape

Stupidly, Rich Homie Quan’s tape Still Goin In got largely critically bypassed after its initial release last year. It was re-released early in 2013, with bonus tracks including “Type Of Way,” which made him nearly a household name. Today, perhaps reaching the limit of how far he can take titles for this series, he finally released a follow-up, I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In. Like he did for its predecessor, Quan does it all here—expressions of AutoTune-d pain, romantic (and women-championing) ballads, quietly snarling rancor, party soundtracks—without feeling spread too thin. He also fires subtle shots at Future, about whom he’s expressed exasperation due to constant comparisons, on “They Don’t Know”: I’m the future, nigga, I see your past/ Who the fuck told you I wanna be your ass?. He recruits Birdman for “Cash Money,” on which he recalls wanting to be a Hot Boy as a child, and samples Toto’s “Africa” for reloaded. GEN F alumni Young Thug and Problem also make appearances.

Download: Rich Homie Quan, I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In

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