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Stream Nicolas Makelberge's Born From the Sun EP

Hope you didn't make your releases-of-the-year list yet. Probably the planet's most underrated producer, Nicolas Makelberge, now based in Prague, just shared his first new music in three years, an EP called Born From the Sun. While Makelberge's past work often incorporated vocals—previously sung by Johan Tuvesson, now of Karl X Johan—the new EP's entirely instrumental, with horns on "May Peace Be By Your Side" meandering as lyrics might, and other tracks featuring occasional digi-choirs. Even more so than before, the thrust is pure feeling, moving beyond his usual disco stylings into something more airy and free, Italo transcendent. In an interview with Rodeo, he said (according to Google translate):

The poet David Whyte says about poetry that it is a language for which one does not have any defense. I think this fits well. The same is with music. Research and facts have mental defense against, but not against emotions and art that goes straight to the heart.

Born From the Sun is out now on iTunes via Emotion.

Stream: Nicolas Makelberge's Born From the Sun EP

Stream Nicolas Makelberge's Born From the Sun EP