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I first heard about London’s Piff Gang last year and, truth be told, figured their name for a joke, and their staying power’s chances slim. Thankfully, I was wrong. They rap about weed about as much as you’d expect—the first sound on this mixtape, their fifth, is a cough—but they’ve proven to be far from a gimmick, with well-defined voices and consistently compelling beats hitting from all angles, production intrinsically British on “Smokin” and classically West Coast on “Fuck Shit Up” and “G.A.M.E.” Download the whole tape for free—click in anywhere and you can’t really go wrong. Solo mixtapes from the group’s members—Phaze What, Don Silk, Skits, Super Dertie, Young Skout and Nick Bam—are said to be coming in 2014.

Download: Piff Gang’s Pizzy Mixtape

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  1. Boomba says:

    WHACK. Why are these guys getting features? Have you listened to their lyricism? UK is way behind.

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  3. That Guy says:

    BOOMBA, What more do you want then? They rap well, the production and visuals are good and they aint chatting shit about trapping or leather trousers. Whats missing for you?

  4. david grey goose says:

    this is amazing. production is next level and very original and the flows and lyrics are great. far from uk being behind. Boomba needs to listen with his ears and not his hate.

  5. thatnigga says:

    uk is behind because people are not supporting good music when its out ! dont hate listen to something else boomba

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  7. Charlamange says:

    great to see Fader supporting some credible UK rap

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  9. kid chaos says:

    these guys are dope. i suggest that you guys should check out the rest of their mix-tapes if u get the chance.

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