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Watch the video for “Hold Me Down,” a new track from Stockholm-based, Gravity Boys member Ecco2k.

December 09, 2013


ECCO2k is a 19-year-old, Stockholm-based video artist and musician with short bleached hair (most recently, tinted pink) and an apparent fascination with technological obsolescence. He raps, sings and produces for millennial hip-hop posse Gravity Boys, and was the guy behind the split-screen, playfully pixellated video for Yung Lean's melancholic Auto-Tune anthem, "PLASTIC BOY." With his new video for "HOLDMEDOWNLIKEGRAVITY," dude takes the pixellation to an extreme, adding an almost painterly textural dimension to images of himself mucking around in a rainwater-flooded housing project as he chants an ironic ode to high-definition video: I'll I wanna see is 1080p, but reality keep me on 240.