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Video: Migos, "Hannah Montana (Twerk Remix)"

Twas the night before YRN 2's release, and Migos seem to have caught some sort of spirit. On top of their usual #MigosMonday music drop -- this week we get "Jealousy," a sort of melancholy more-money-more-problems song that may or may not be directed at GBE -- they shared an official video for "Hannah Montana (Twerk Remix)," which might as well double as their Christmas card to the world. Directed by Gabriel Hart, the video begins with a minute long intro in which a three women choir, decked in santa hats, sings a "Hannah Montana" inspired carol while the boys watch from their window above. Someone tosses them a hundred dollar bill tip, and then from there on out things go as you might have expected-- expensive cars, twerking, some stuff from their new Rocksmith collection, etc.

Video: Migos, "Hannah Montana (Twerk Remix)"