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Video: Twista, "Beast"

In a year where vets came back strong (see Da Mafia 6ix's triumphant 6ix Commandments tape, Juicy J's album Stay Trippy, Justin Timberlake's first LPs in seven years and R. Kelly return to raunch with Black Panties) Twista had a slew of unexpectedly "in-touch" features that showed he can still hang with the kids without looking like the awkward chaperone. On "Beast," a taste of Twista's Back To The Basics EP, out tomorrow, the Chicago tongue-twister spits as hard as ever, but still acknowledges the times, borrowing slightly from Future's "Karate Chop" flow and shouting out King L. The song's video, above is Breaking Bad-themed and directed by Nick Brazinsky.

Video: Twista, "Beast"