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Video: R. Kelly, "Cookie"

Considering all the other explicit come-ons R. Kelly might have illustrated -- roller-coastered on it, beat it till it's blue, crack it open like a lobster -- in the video for "Cookie," the latest single off Black Panties, which is out today, what we've got here is really rather restrained. In it, a new "assistant" shows up to his palatial home and has just one question before she slips into her sexy-maid uniform: what does Kells like for dessert? Fast-forward, she's rubbing his shoulders while he pours champagne into bathtub filled with milk and and a half-naked girl with one hand and dunks, yes, an Oreo with the other. 46 years old and 13 albums later, he's still got a deep reservoir of innuendo to draw from.

Video: R. Kelly, "Cookie"