Download Little Pain’s When Thugz Cry Mixtape


I’ll admit I was immediately skeptical of this year’s sad rap phenomenon, but Brooklyn’s Little Pain has won me over with his debut tape, When Thugz Cry. In the wrong hands, his brand of wryly literal chronicles of depression could have become sardonic memes, but it becomes clear that Pain’s not winking here—he’s pouring his heart out in earnest. Cavernous, harrowing production from FADER Producer To Watch Suicideyear, who produces four of the tape’s tracks, intensifies the heartbreak; his eerie chimes only augment the gut-punch of Pain’s resigned hook on “Big Pain Tribute”—My dog died, my dog died. No gimmick hurts like this.

Download: Little Pain, When Thugz Cry

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  1. Yours Truly says:

    This is F****n DOPE

  2. LOL says:

    ^^^ This comment was clearly typed by Lil’ Pain or Suicideyear. Nobody likes this bullshit.

  3. Dingus says:

    ^ ^ ^ fuck yourself, this shit is amazing

  4. john says: