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VATS, "Intent" MP3


According to MJMJ Records, who're releasing his first full-length as VATS, Minneapolis' Ronnie Lee "has been in about 9,000 incredible bands in his life." (I wasn't aware of this fact and you might not be either, but let's just say yes, 9,000.) On "Intent," halfway the title track of the new record, Iridescent Intent, he sounds to be dragging the song up the stairs as if it were 3AM and the track were his blanket, carried along on a cold, mid-night trip for unwarmed french fries straight from the fridge. You can preorder the cassette now for $6.66, out January 15th. "Intent" is a free download, and a second equally psyched song, "Lodge," is streaming below too.

VATS, "Intent" MP3